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The Making

The making of Warrior Professional Gear is a process that combines latest technologies in footwear making with the best materials available to create safety shoes of unparalleled quality. The process is in-house and is subjected to close scrutiny at every phase. There are quality assurance tests that ensure that every pair of Warrior Professional Gear meets exceptional standards of quality and performance under any condition. To maintain high levels of aesthetic excellence the entire tanning process is done in-house. Liberty has always done it’s very best to stay ahead of the curve and lead innovation in every aspect of the manufacturing process – from design to delivery.

Liberty is one the largest manufacturers and suppliers of safety shoes in India and worldwide. Every day, 75,000 pairs roll out of the manufacturing plants and reach 25 international market places. During the making of Warrior Safety shoes, special care is taken to add superior reinforcements against the elements without adding to the weight of the product. Hence, the shoes are lightweight and comfortable even for long hours of use. That essentially offers remarkable protection without tiring your feet.

Warrior Professional Gear is available in two design options. The low-ankle design provides more freedom of movement compared to the high-ankle option which gives better coverage. Both are tested to withstand more than 200 Joules of drop loads, have anti-skid soles and provide all-weather protection from elements. Our making process has several industry approvals.

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Work Boots, Safety Shoes Manufacturers and Suppliers India
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Discover the making of the best work boots. Top safety shoes manufacturers and suppliers in India with a worldwide presence, now in South Africa.
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