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Liberty is one of those brands in India that is synonymous with trust and reliability. With the Warrior brand, Liberty has extended its reputation of being reliable to an international market. Under the leadership of Mr. Adesh Gupta, Liberty has acquired new technologies that have complimented the long tradition of making great footwear for ages. Today, Warrior Safety Shoes are sold in many nations thanks to a widening distribution network. To meet an ever growing demand for great products, Liberty has enhanced its production facilities with cutting edge technologies.

Warrior footwear enjoys popularity on the international marketplace because of its affordability, high quality of construction and more importantly for uncompromised safety standards which makes it perfect for anyone who does not wish to compromise with their safety. Our shoes offer superior grip and performance on all terrains, have superior waterproofing and comes with a specially designed sole for better grip on slick and oily surfaces. The toes are made of reinforced composites which prevent damage from heavy drops.

Safety shoes with the Warrior badge are light on the feet and light on the wallet.

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Warrior, the professional gear India marches ahead with, comes from
The Liberty Group, a business house which has put the country on the international map with its range of high quality footwear.


Client Testimonials

  • "I/We like only LIBERTY Shoes."


    Renault Nissan Chennai-45 (Tamil Nadu)

  • "Yes, wear Liberty Warrior Shoe for Safety of you and your family i.e. WARRIOR shoe is Worry Free".


    Gujarat State Electricity Corpn. Ltd. (GETCO) Gandhinagar (Gujarat)

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